Biodiversity of the Gullmar fjord

This summer, Mattias Ormestad from Kahi Kai was invited as a guest speaker to the EMBO course “Marine animal models in evolution and development” held at the Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences in Kristineberg on the Swedish west coast. Mattias had a seminar presenting the Kahi Kai gene expression database and a presentation of macro imaging techniques of marine animals.

Kristineberg is located in the small community Fiskebäckskil right at the mouth of the Gullmar fjord. The Gullmar fjord was the first marine nature preserve in Sweden, and its high biodiversity and unique marine environments already caught the interest of scientists almost 200 years ago. The marine station in Kristineberg was built in 1877 and is the oldest marine station in Sweden and one of the oldest in the world.

All photos was taken by Mattias and are from material collected during the course and from the aquariums in the Kristineberg marine station. All animals can be found in the waters around the Gullmar fjord.

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